High School Championships

The second edition of the ITU World Triathlon San Diego will hold a sprint-distance high school championship event for up-and-coming triathletes looking to compete in one of the nation’s marquee multisport races.
Athletes from around the nation ages 13-19, who are affiliated with a high school triathlon program, are encouraged to register for the 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike, 5-kilometer run Omegawave World Triathlon San Diego High School Championships on Saturday, April 20.
Teams interested in competing must contact Mark Mason (, 310-418-1590) prior to registering online at
The High School Championships will be team scored with five points going to the first-place finisher (both male and female), four points to second place, three points to third place, two points to fourth place and one point for each finisher in fifth place and beyond. All finishers will score at least one point for their respective team.
The team compiling the most points will win the team title. A conference trophy also will be presented to the top team from the Southwest High School Triathlon Conference. Additionally, the top three male and female finishers will earn individual awards.

Team Scoring:
Every High School Triathlete competing for their school team receives - 1 point.
1st place -  5 points
2nd place - 4 points
3rd place -  3 points
4th place -  2 points
5th place -  1 point

ITU World Triathlon Series Rankings

Gwen Jorgensen

1 Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 2233Gold Medal

2 Anne Haug (GER) 2173Silver Medal

3 Jodie Stimpson (GBR) 1956Bronze Medal

Javier Gomez

1 Javier Gomez (ESP) 2744Gold Medal

2 Joao Silva (POR) 2055Silver Medal

3 Mario Mola (ESP) 1959Bronze Medal